A couple questions about Bernie Sanders’ ‘patriotic millionaires’


**Written by Doug Powers

Bernie Sanders discussed “patriotism” this week, so you know it’s got something to do with A) How rich people should willingly bend over for Big Government, and B) Why it’s OK for somebody to have three houses provided he/she is a dedicated socialist.

Here’s Sanders’ idea of super-patriots:

Mr. Trump, listen to these Patriotic Millionaires who want their taxes raised, not cut. pic.twitter.com/heoPX7VWkV

— Bernie Sanders (@SenSanders) January 4, 2018

A couple questions come to mind. One of those guys maligned those who seek “tax advantages” — i.e. completely legal ways to pay less in taxes. I’d like to know how much that collective of tax-loving “patriots” pays in fees annually to armies of lawyers and accountants to use electron microscopes to spot every possible deduction. Also, how much do they voluntarily send in? If anybody’s unhappy with how little they’re taxed, they can ease their consciences by cutting checks to the U.S. Treasury, which will gladly accept money from guilt-ridden multimillionaires. But they won’t do that because they’re not serious about any of this, which is why Bernie Sanders’ group of rich fellow travelers-in-rhetoric-only should simply be called “Patriotic B.S.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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