After long Vineyard golf-a-thon & jetting to Laos on a jumbo jet, Obama gripes about environmental & cultural laziness in U.S.

**Written by Doug Powers

President Obama’s overseas, which means another opportunity has presented itself to give the world myriad examples why the country he was elected to lead is totally sub-par.

Example number one from Obama’s town hall in Laos:

President Barack Obama says Americans can get “lazy” and insular, and he hopes his presidency has helped broaden their worldview.

Speaking to a group of young leaders from across Southeast Asia, Obama says the U.S. “is and can be a great force for good in the world.” But because of its size, he says Americans “haven’t always had to know about other countries.”

In the United States, Obama says, “sometimes you can feel lazy.”

He’s got a lotta problems with you people!

Here’s example number two:

Obama said Americans’ reluctance to embrace his favored environmental policies is a sign of laziness.

“Usually when you see the environment destroyed, it’s not because it’s necessary for development,” Obama said. “It’s usually because we’re being lazy and we’re not being as creative as we could be about how to do it in a smarter, more sustainable way.”

Why’s Obama encouraging so many refugees to come to such a lazy-ass, insular, dirty country?

Obama was in Laos in part to announce that culturally and environmentally lazy U.S. taxpayers would be sending them $90 million over the next three years to help clear unexploded bombs dropped during the Vietnam war.

**Written by Doug Powers

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