Anti-Trump movement enters acrostic phase of Resistance

**Written by Doug Powers

“UC Berkeley professor” and “Trump administration” were never destined to be love connections, but one triggered State Dept. science envoy added a flair of cryptic Resistance to his resignation letter:

A University of California-Berkeley energy professor resigned Wednesday from his position as a State Department science envoy, blasting President Donald Trump for recent comments on white supremacist violence in Charlottesville.

The professor, Daniel Kammen, included a less-than-subtle assessment of Trump in his resignation letter by spelling out the word “impeach” with the first letters of each paragraph.

Trump’s response to Charlottesville has hastened the eco-apocalypse, or something:

Mr. President, I am resigning as Science Envoy. Your response to Charlottesville enables racism, sexism, & harms our country and planet.

— Daniel M Kammen (@dan_kammen) August 23, 2017

I’d be shocked if there’s not already an autographed, framed copy of that letter hanging in Maxine Waters’ office by now.

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**Written by Doug Powers

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