Anybody surprised? Susan Rice slams Trump’s ‘America First’ approach

**Written by Doug Powers

If Trump changed his slogan to “Iran First” Rice would probably be temporarily placated, but that’s not going to happen:

Former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice blasted President Trump’s recent national security policy rollout in a new op-ed, arguing the U.S. will lose its moral authority abroad as well as make a mockery out of his “America first” approach.

“Relinquishing the nation’s moral authority in these difficult times will only embolden rivals and weaken ourselves. It will make a mockery of the very idea of America first,” Rice wrote in The New York Times on Wednesday.

“The United States’s strength has long rested not only on our unmatched military and economy, but also on the power of our ideals,” wrote Rice, also a former United States ambassador to the United Nations.

Unreliable sources tell me that if Rice gets angry enough at Trump she’s thinking of running for the Dem nomination with the campaign slogan “America Fiftieth Ideally, But Definitely No Higher Than Thirty-Second!”

**Written by Doug Powers

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