Bend it like Pelosi: What the congressional Democrat leadership would look like without liars

**Written by Doug Powers
Nancy Pelosi is again selling lies like Girl Scout cookies except way more expensive. Pelosi joined many Dems in passing along this graphic which purports to show what the U.S. soccer team would look like minus “immigrants”:

Immigrants help drive America’s success, even in the World Cup! Look at what #USMNT would be without them. #TimeIsNow
— Nancy Pelosi (@NancyPelosi) June 17, 2014

Nice try, except it’s completely untrue. Even if it were true it would be meaningless to the point. The debate is about legal vs. illegal immigration, and Pelosi and the Democrats want to make the two synonymous.
In response to the graphic Pelosi’s peddling, here’s what the congressional Democrat leadership would look like minus shameless liars:

Think about it — Pelosi and others pushing that graphic can’t even tell the truth about a soccer team. Bend it like Pelosi!
**Written by Doug Powers
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