Bill & Hillary, struggling to keep pace with socialist ‘public servant’ Bernie Sanders, purchase 3rd home

**Written by Doug Powers

Bill and Hillary Clinton have reportedly purchased a third home, which is right next door to their Chappaqua place. The new house is a large, two story colonial with enough space to comfortably house up to eight mistresses:

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is seeking a job that comes with a house, but she and her husband, former president Bill Clinton, have many options if the White House thing doesn’t work out.

The couple have purchased a home next door to their primary residence in Chappaqua, N.Y., according to real estate records. That makes three homes worth north of $1 million owned by the Clintons, including a stately mansion near the British Embassy in Washington that Clinton used when she was a senator.

The new house was purchased in August for $1,160,000, according to tax and real estate records. The sale was first reported by CBS News. Clinton’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment on why the couple bought the second house on Old House Lane or what they plan to do with it.

In attempting to get the proletariat to relate to them, the Clintons obviously feel compelled to “keep up with the Joneses Sanderses.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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