CBS News dials hackery up to eleven in ‘extremist attacks’ comparison


**Written by Doug Powers

CBS News did yeoman’s work again for Democrat talking points Monday morning with this report:

Talking to Attorney General Jeff Sessions about the racist violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, O’Donnell contorted: “This is believed to be the largest white supremacist demonstration in over a decade. We went and looked at the data. And in fact, between 2001 and 2016 there were nearly three times as many fatal attacks by right wing extremists than Islamic extremists in the U.S.”

“Between 2001 and 2016” — well, not all of 2001. Check out the start date for the data collection:

Well, nothing else happened previous to Sept. 12 so might as well not waste the viewers’ time.

Here’s a clip:

More details from Daily Caller. Make sure you’re sitting down:

A total of 62 incidents of right wing violence made the tally, 48 of which involved one death. This is likely due to the inclusion of a number of gang related murders, some of which occurred among prison gang members. The list of incidents designated as right wing extremism include the murder of multiple pedophiles and the murder of man by his step son who was trying to gain “street cred.”

The list of Islamic extremist incidents also includes a number of acts that resulted in only one death, but those events are offset by a number of high fatality incidents like the Orlando night club shooting, which killed 49 people, and the shooting at Ft. Hood that killed 13.

Here’s the trick they played:

Also, note that O’Donnell refers only to the number of incidents — not how lethal they were.

Why is that? Because Norah O’Donnell is trying to avoid having to say this: Since 9/11, Islamic terrorists have killed CONSIDERABLY MORE than “right wing” terrorists.

And even though the number of attacks and not the number of casualties was the measuring stick, CBS knew that including 9/11 as a single attack on par with a gang-related prison murder would look monumentally stupid. So, “start it on 9/12” it is!

Never change, mainstream media — Trump’s re-election campaign is counting on it.

**Written by Doug Powers

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