CNN spins Dems’ Russia narrative collapse as only they (and the MSM) can


**Written by Doug Powers

If you’re CNN and the Trump/Russia collusion narrative starts to crumble, and Clinton/DNC fingerprints (and $$) are starting to show up all over the dossier story and other Russia dealings, how do you report the shifts in reality? Easy:

The ol’ “Republicans pounce” media approach to inconvenient truths about Democrats:

President Donald Trump and his allies in Washington are seizing on a pair of revelations about his former rival Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party aiming to flip the months-long narrative about potential Russian collusion.

Sorry, journos, but the “script” that got flipped was the Democrat talking points CNN (and many other MSM outlets) have been dutifully reporting as fact, but now that narrative has been proven bogus and it’s the Republicans who caused it? The MSM works in pitifully obvious ways.

**Written by Doug Powers

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