Comfort zone: Obama returns to complaining about US overseas


**Written by Doug Powers

Barack Obama has been out of office for a few months now, but that doesn’t mean Americans have stopped disappointing him, and he made that known overseas yet again:

At the Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy, Obama spoke about the global food system, its relationship with climate change, and how innovations in technology and entrepreneurship will affect the agriculture industry in the future. It was a far-ranging conversation that mixed policy prescriptions with simple encouragements for ordinary people.

“When most of the world’s poor work in agriculture, the stark imbalances that we have worked hard to close, will be even harder,” he said in his opening remarks. “Some of the refugee flows originate from some places where climate change is having an impact.”

“Part of this is also going to be wasting less food, especially in US where we waste 40%.”

We’ve failed him again? Maybe Obama should have saved part of that food waste lecture for the person seated across from him at the dinner table after he gets back to his house:

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**Written by Doug Powers

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