Confidence-inspiring: Here’s the DOJ official helping with Clinton/Weiner investigation


**Written by Doug Powers

This morning I saw some Hillary defender on Fox News saying that these Clinton scandals are “all smoke but no fire.” If that’s remotely true, it’s only because the Clintons are lucky to know plenty of people in high places skilled in the use of fire extinguishers:

The Justice Department official in charge of informing Congress about the newly reactivated Hillary Clinton email probe is a political appointee and former private-practice lawyer who kept Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta “out of jail,” lobbied for a tax cheat later pardoned by President Bill Clinton and led the effort to confirm Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

Peter Kadzik, who was confirmed as assistant attorney general for legislative affairs in June 2014, represented Podesta in 1998 when independent counsel Kenneth Starr was investigating Podesta for his possible role in helping ex-Bill Clinton intern and mistress Monica Lewinsky land a job at the United Nations.

“Fantastic lawyer. Kept me out of jail,” Podesta wrote on Sept. 8, 2008 to Obama aide Cassandra Butts, according to emails hacked from Podesta’s Gmail account and posted by WikiLeaks.

What a lovely bunch of people we have administering “justice” in the country. Just imagine the level of corruption if the Clintons are put back into the White House.

Rep. Trey Gowdy this morning dissected all this ridiculousness:

**Written by Doug Powers

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