Congress & staffers must attend harassment seminars, no ifs ands or butts


**Written by Doug Powers

Prediction: Things will go downhill fast after the seminar instructor begins by saying “Ok, everybody grab a seat!”

From The Hill:

The House on Wednesday voted to require annual sexual harassment awareness training for all members and staff amid a push to reform the culture on Capitol Hill.

A resolution authored by Rep. Barbara Comstock (R-Va.) passed easily by voice vote, though its passage will not be the hard part for lawmakers seeking to reform the policies to protect Capitol Hill employees from sexual harassment.

Comstock’s measure requires members and staff to undergo anti-harassment and anti-discrimination training during each session of Congress. Interns and fellows would also have to take the training.

Members and staff will have to complete the training no later than 180 days after the second session of the current Congress begins in January.

Will this be Conyers and Franken’s excuse for not resigning? “It’s not fair if we have to quit even before being formally told what we did isn’t allowed!”

The first seminar got underway today:

Somewhere in the halls of Congress, this conversation is taking place:

Congressman’s chief of staff: You have to attend harassment training tomorrow.

Congressman: Why? I’m already really good at it.

**Written by Doug Powers

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