CPR for stalled political dynasty in progress: Media’s push for Chelsea Clinton to run for ANYTHING accelerates


**Written by Doug Powers

Just because Hillary lost in November doesn’t mean the media’s going to stop helping out the Clintons by going to the Dynasty Defibrillation Paddles, and the Washington Post is among the first media outlets to yell, “CLEAR!”

Chelsea Clinton has been in the national public eye for a quarter-century now. And as the only child of both a two-term president and a two-time presidential candidate, the question has long been not whether she would get involved in the family business, but when and where.

Yet Clinton, 36, has never shown a real appetite for the day-to-day food fights involved in politics — never really seemed, well, like a politician. She’s been a public figure, yes, but she has rarely weighed in on the heated debates of the day in anything close to a proactive way. She was a presence on her mother’s campaign, but she’s never really driven a political message.

Until now.

In recent days, we’ve noticed a different Chelsea Clinton — one more than willing to speak out, often a bit bluntly. And she’s speaking out specifically against President Trump, using his preferred medium: Twitter.

This kind of stuff might be the only rumors that can get Hillary’s speaking fees back up to anything close to acceptable levels in 2017:

**Written by Doug Powers

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