Dems boycotting Trump SOTU might leave some empty seat opportunity for GOP

**Written by Doug Powers

If this trend keeps up, on SOTU night, the Dem side of the chamber will be emptier than the Resistance’s list of actionable impeachment charges:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.) on Monday announced she plans to boycott President Trump’s State of the Union address to Congress at the end of the month, joining a handful of other Democratic lawmakers who are skipping the annual event.

“I’m here on Martin Luther King Jr. Day to say I will not be going to the State of the Union,” Jayapal said in a video posted on social media.

“I think it is absolutely unacceptable to see the racism and the hatred coming out the White House in a way in which this president is fueling the flames of divisiveness across our country,” she added.
The Washington lawmaker joins Democratic Reps. John Lewis (Ga.), Frederica Wilson (Fla.), Earl Blumenauer (Ore.) and Maxine Waters (Calif.) in skipping the president’s address, with many citing Trump’s recent remarks.

Fans of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton complaining about Trump “fueling the flames of divisiveness” might get laughed at by the “bitter clingers” and “deplorables.” However, if enough Dems leave enough empty seats, there could be an opportunity there for the GOP:

Trump should fill all empty seats with middle class Americans benefitting from tax cuts

— Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) January 15, 2018

Trump should invite them up to tell Nancy Pelosi how the “pathetic crumbs” have actually helped out a little bit.

**Written by Doug Powers

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