Dems’ NRA/GOP-bashing narrative collapses under weight of reality

**Written by Doug Powers

Sunday afternoon the Democrats were quick to suspend a “don’t play politics with a tragedy” rule they implemented just after the attack in New York City after 26 people were shot to death and many more wounded in a church in Sutherland Springs, Texas. At the House of Representatives, California Dem Rep. Ted Lieu walked out of the chamber during a moment of silence for the victims of Devin Kelley:

Lieu, a Democratic congressman, didn’t join his colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives for a moment of silence Monday night for the victims of the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas, that left 26 churchgoers dead and at least 20 more injured.

His walkout was intended to send a message that the time for action — and, more specifically, stricter gun laws — is now, he said.

Yeah, I’ll get to those “gun laws” in a minute.

In the Senate, libs Dick Durbin and Chris Murphy were among the “there ought to be a law against this” Democrats slamming the gun lobby:

MORNING READ: History will harshly judge a U.S. Congress too cowardly to act while kids are shot dead. No more, not here. #Enough

— Senator Dick Durbin (@SenatorDurbin) November 6, 2017

Can you sleep tonight, colleagues, when the price of gun lobby goodwill is this – blood soaked church and school floors, city streets?

— Chris Murphy (@ChrisMurphyCT) November 5, 2017

Dems have been working overtime to ensure Trump’s re-election by using the shooting for pure politics, blaming the NRA and Republican supporters of the 2nd Amendment for having blood on their hands. But there are a couple of inconvenient truths here that party hack politicians like Lieu, Durbin and Murphy won’t acknowledge: First, they say there should be a law that would have stopped the murderer from buying a gun. Well, there was, but the Democrats’ beloved federal bureaucracy dropped the ball:

The gunman who killed 26 people at a small-town Texas church had a history of domestic violence that spanned years before the attack, and was able buy weapons because the Air Force did not submit his criminal history to the FBI as required by military rules.

If the past offenses by Devin Patrick Kelley — who fired at least 450 rounds at helpless worshippers on Sunday morning — had been properly shared, they would have prevented him from buying a gun, the Air Force acknowledged Monday.

The second detail is one the NRA/GOP-bashing Dems will not be sharing because it nukes the narrative:

A former National Rifle Assn. instructor, Willeford took with him the AR-15-style assault rifle that he keeps in a safe.

What happened next was a scenario nearly unheard of in mass shootings, but one often suggested by those in favor of a well-armed citizenry: An armed bystander got in a shootout with a mass killer and chased him out of town.

Two of Willeford’s shots apparently hit Kelley, one in the leg and one in the torso. The gunman dropped his weapon and fled in an SUV.

It’s also worth noting that the state law worked — the system breakdown was at the federal level:

ABBOTT: “Devin Kelley sought to get a license to carry a gun in the state of Texas, but the State of Texas denied him the ability to get a gun.”

— Ryan Struyk (@ryanstruyk) November 6, 2017

In other words, the Texas background check system worked well, while the federal background system failed due to bureaucratic incompetence.

— Josh Hammer (@josh_hammer) November 6, 2017

Even if the ball hadn’t been dropped and that maniac had been prevented from buying the gun at the point of sale, that’s not to say he wouldn’t have gone and found a way to obtain one illegally. After all, somebody who would murder dozens of people isn’t very concerned about laws in the first place — a point the “there ought to be more laws to make lawbreakers follow the law” liberal Democrats fail to grasp. Well, Dems like Lieu and Murphy don’t fail to grasp it — they refuse to — because demagoguing opponents with different views is the one-trick political pony on which they ride and nothing’s going to make them dismount.

**Written by Doug Powers

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