Fifty Shades of Grey Lady: NY Times Mag troubled by ‘uncomfortable love affair’ on Super Sunday (open thread)


**Written by Doug Powers

The Super Sunday open thread is hereby called to order!

It’s safe to assume who at least one NYT Magazine writer is not rooting for:

A USA Today writer got in on the action a few days ago:

Tom Brady no longer gets a pass on his friendship with Donald Trump.

Not after this weekend, when the country boiled over in rage and indignation at Trump’s decision to turn America’s back on refugees. Not after this season, when Colin Kaepernick was pilloried from coast to coast for trying to draw attention to the shortcomings of our country.

And not when he’s about to command the NFL’s biggest stage.

Sports media who not-so-secretly want to be political commentators are the worst. Vin Scully was one of the few who knew how to do it right.


The mainstream media try so hard:


Even harder to believe: CBS News was originally intended to be a serious news outlet.


The Trump admin’s appeal of a halt on the travel ban EO has been rejected, and the order remains on hold:

A federal appeals court early Sunday morning denied the US government’s emergency request to resume President Donald Trump’s travel ban.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has asked for both sides to file legal briefs before the court makes its final decision after a federal judge halted the program on Friday.

What this means is that the ruling by US District Court Judge James Robart, who suspended the ban, will remain in place — for now.

Being the Ninth Circuit, we know what the odds are on this one.


Put down the coffee before reading further: Jimmy Fallon thanked the Godfather of “Fake News” Dan Rather for being “the voice of reason.” Next week Fallon is expected to thank Michael Moore for being the “poster boy for physical conditioning.”


The Obama White House continually bragged about the number of prison sentences that were commuted during his administration, but they won’t make a peep when the other side of the coin turns up, such as this:

A San Antonio man who was freed from life in prison by President Barack Obama is back behind bars after allegedly crashing his vehicle into another motorist and undercover police cars while fleeing from a drug deal Thursday.

Robert M. Gill, 68, whose life sentence for cocaine and heroin distribution conspiracy was commuted by Obama and expired in 2015, was profiled last year in the Express-News about his readjustment to life on the outside.

Fortunately in this case those people the recipient of a “second chance” from Obama ran into will also get a second chance, but next time somebody might not be so lucky.


The Hollywood meltdown in the last several weeks has been a thing to behold. The Progressive Tinseltown Tea Party tantrum continues:

The creator of Netflix’s “House of Cards” series on Friday tweeted out a “Declaration of Resistance” against Donald Trump patterned after the Declaration of Independence that charges the president with “pursuing the establishment of an absolute Tyranny” and calling for his impeachment.

“DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE When in the course of American history it becomes necessary for the people to save our Nation from a Tyrant,” Beau Willimonbegan.

In the first four of his subsequent tweets, the screenwriter and playwright built up to a call for impeaching Mr. Trump: “To safeguard equality for all and their inalienable rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness from bigotry and corruption, To ensure that our Government continues derive its power from the consent of the governed rather than by autocracy, That whenever any President becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to make such demands upon their Congress: Immediate impeachment of the President for crimes committed, or removal from office by way of the 25th Amendment to the Constitution.”

To this end, the Hollywood Left pledges that if necessary they will give their lives, fortunes and sacred honor best effort to slam Trump at the Oscars.


Rep. Maxine Waters is totally on board with the DECLARATION OF RESISTANCE:


First she’d have to “lead” Dems into regaining control of Congress. Good luck!


This kind of thing makes it seem like so long ago that the Dems were applauding Hillary Clinton’s “the children are watching” ad:

Hundreds have responded to a Facebook “Chicago moons Trump Tower” event, during which protesters plan to drop their trousers in front of Trump Tower Chicago.

According to the Facebook page for the event titled “Operation “Kiss Our Asses, Release Your Taxes,” the goal of the protest is to get President Trump to release his tax returns.
Protestors will meet at 3:30 p.m. on Sunday, Feb. 12 at Trump Tower Chicago, and plan to moon the building for 10 seconds starting at 4 p.m. in what event organizers call “a powerful message to Washington elites.”


An SNL bit that has something to do with the Trump administration and doesn’t involve Alec Baldwin? OK, I guess it’s worth a look then:


Have a good Super Bowl Sunday all! And go Lions! Oh, wait…

**Written by Doug Powers

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