Fight for the freedom to question vaccines

Fight for the freedom to question vaccines
by Michelle Malkin
Creators Syndicate
Copyright 2019

Thank you, Rob Schneider. Thank you.

Very rarely do Hollywood celebrities stick their necks out on behalf of the concerns of ordinary parents whose voices have been suppressed by the liberal media, Silicon Valley and the political establishment of both parties. But this week, the actor and comedian used his formidable Twitter platform to stand against the increasing censorship of vaccine skeptics by Big Pharma and Big Tech. This is what speaking truth to power looks like.

With the Overton window on acceptable discourse about government-coerced immunization rapidly shrinking, Schneider’s timing couldn’t be better.

“Free Speech is ALL speech. Even the speech that you find repugnant,” Schneider declared. “We don’t need people deciding FOR us what to think, see or hear. That’s a load of totalitarian crap.” He singled out Amazon “banning books that dare question medical orthodoxy,” as well as “Facebook, Google, (and) YouTube” for burying information inconvenient to vaccine manufacturers, their lobbyists and water-carriers in elected office.

Sorry to have to repeat this again:
Free Speech is ALL speech.
Even the speech that you find repugnant. You are either for ALL of it or…
you are for none of it.
We don’t need people deciding FOR us what to think, see or hear.
That’s a load of totalitarian crap.

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) November 22, 2019

Amazon is already banning books that dare question medical orthodoxy. Facebook, Google, YouTube bury information as well.
The push within democratic societies to further restrict their own freedoms is a road we mustn’t take.

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) November 22, 2019

I worry more that the suppression of Free Speech will lead to more horrors than the continued free flow of ideas; good AND bad.
People can decide for themselves what ideas belong in the dustbin of history.

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) November 22, 2019

Here is another example of Medical Censorship on the internet… Please see the number of impressions on a tweet from 4 days ago…114,569…

— Rob Schneider (@RobSchneider) November 4, 2019

As I reported in March (see “Vaccines skeptics under siege,” March 6, 2019), social media kingpins in America have launched a crackdown on “anti-vaccine” speech by rigging search results and algorithms. A Pinterest insider confirmed to me recently that the image-sharing network’s targeting of moms who shared negative memes and information about adverse vaccine reactions was the “canary” in the free speech coal mine. Facebook and Instagram also actively suppress vaccine-critical posts and re-direct them to government sources promoting vaccine mandates. One fact they aren’t linking: $4 billion has been paid by the federal government to adults and kids harmed by vaccines.

Schneider’s call to arms comes as the state of New York considers a draconian law mandating that all children born after 2008 be required to take the HPV vaccine to attend school or day care. The shots are to be administered without parental consent. HPV stands for “human papillomavirus,” a usually harmless sexually transmitted disease — not a public contagion. Lead sponsor Brad Hoylman, a Democratic state lawmaker whose husband owns stock in pharmaceutical company Merck (maker of the HPV vaccine Gardasil), declares that the shot is “safe and effective.” But why make it mandatory for seventh grade girls and boys?

We will sell the house and move out of the state before we expose our girls to that vaccination

— NYC (@ljfouru) November 25, 2019

Answer: Merck, the HPV market promises an estimated $5 billion to $7 billion in sales by 2025 as the shot once sold as protection for girls and women against sexually transmitted warts transformed into a lucrative cervical cancer shield being promoted to both female and male ages 9-45.

“Safe and effective” is a lie. The science is far from settled. Japan suspended its HPV vaccination program aimed at teen girls after researchers reported adverse symptoms from chronic pain and motor impairment following immunization. Denmark reported multiple cases of girls developing autonomic dysfunction and postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome after receiving HPV shots. In New York, a 21-year-old woman died of heart arrhythmia induced by an autoimmune response to the HPV vaccine; her family sued the U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary in federal court (private drug makers are shielded from liability) and received compensation for their daughter’s vaccine-caused death in 2017. Government watchdog Judicial Watch reported in 2013 that the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program had paid out nearly $6 million in claims to 49 victims of HPV, including two deaths.

A 2015 study published in Human Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics reported that HPV vaccines failed to protect young women from certain high-risk HPV types and that more study was needed “to determine its effectiveness in a real-world setting.” Meanwhile, French oncologist Gerard Delepine has reported a paradoxical effect of HPV vaccines on cancer rates across Europe: While other countries have reported increased cervical cancer rates as HPV vaccine uptake has risen since Gardasil was introduced in 2006, France (which has a low 15% uptake) saw steady declines between 1995-2017.

I’ve fought this battle before. It’s not just speech-squelching Silicon Valley and special interest Democrats colluding to suppress the freedom to question mandatory vaccine programs and disseminate information challenging Big Pharma and Big Government’s narratives. A decade ago, I sounded the alarm over former GOP Texas Governor Rick Perry’s shocking executive order forcing every sixth-grade girl to submit to a three-jab regimen of the Gardasil vaccine and mandating that state health officials make the vaccine available “free” to girls ages 9 to 18 — only eight months after the FDA had approved it.

Before backing down, Perry’s Republican administration smeared Gardasil-mandate critics as fear-mongers and vaccine-skeptical parents as public health threats, while Merck’s political action committee dumped nearly $400,000 into the Republican Governors Association (Perry’s largest donor). I was dismissed as “fringe” for exposing shady science and conflicts of interest.

Most recently, an ignorant smear merchant for the conservative Washington Examiner derided me for having “peddled the lethal pseudoscience of anti-vaxxing amid a global health crisis spurred by that very movement” — and deemed me “unworthy of America.”

On the contrary, the “crisis” is vaccine-induced, and it is vaccine racket critics — from the homeschoolers in flyover country to Rob Schneider in Hollywood — who are the real patriots defending our freedoms of speech, assembly, press and conscience. Follow the money. Find the truth. Protect our children. That’s the American way.


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