Former Obama adviser routinely not based in fact: These surveillance allegations have no basis in fact

**Written by Doug Powers

Former National Security Adviser Susan Rice, the Obama official who helped blame Benghazi on a video multiple times and told the country that Bowe Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction,” said today that President Trump’s wiretap allegation has “no basis in fact.” Take it from an expert!

This is a helluva hand-holding inquisition by Rice’s interview expedition Sherpa Andrea Mitchell:

Partial excerpt from Grabien:

RICE: “Andrea, this is not anything political that has been alleged. The allegation is that somehow the Obama Administration officials utilized intelligence for political purposes. That’s absolutely false. Let me explain how this works. I was the national security adviser. My job is to protect the American people and the security of our country. That’s the same as the secretary of state, the secretary of defense, the CIA director. And every morning to enable us to do that, we receive, from the intelligence community, a compilation of intelligence reports that the intelligence community has selected for us on a daily basis to give us the best information as to what is going on around the world. I received those reports as did each of the other officials, and there were occasions when I would receive a report in which a U.S. person was referred to. Name not provided, just U.S. person. And sometimes in that context, in order to understand the importance of the report, and assess its significance, it was necessary to find out or request the information as to who that U.S. official was.”

A couple of weeks ago Rice told PBS she knew nothing about the allegations but has obviously done some brushing up.

**Written by Doug Powers

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