FYI colleges! Chelsea Clinton’s going rates: $500 for entrance; $2,700 for reception; $5,000 to sledgehammer one of her mom’s old BlackBerrys

**Written by Doug Powers

Chelsea Clinton was at Penn St. University on Wednesday:

Volunteers dressed in Clinton-Kaine buttons and t-shirts of all ages packed the office of the Centre County Democrats to participate in a phone bank and hear from Chelsea Clinton, daughter of Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton.

Clinton, who made her first public appearance since the Democratic National Convention in late-July, campaigned on behalf of her mother and thanked all the volunteers who participated in the phone bank and other campaign events throughout the year.

Get the tiny violins out of their little cases, because campus progressives weren’t happy with the going rates (they must be new here):

“Although we certainly support Chelsea’s right to campaign on her mother’s behalf, we do not agree with Mrs. Clinton choosing to make this ‘conversation’ available exclusively to individuals who can afford or are willing to pay at least $500,” Ethan Paul, College Progressives of Penn State vice president, said. “It is particularly deplorable that a $2,700 donation — the legal limit — gets a personal conversation with Mrs. Clinton.”

NBC News paid Chelsea $600,000 just to buy favor with Bill and Hillary report a handful of “stories,” so what did PSU progs expect? Imagine what Chelsea would have charged them if she cared about money.

If the Clinton campaign wanted to rake in some real dough they should have had Chelsea go from campus to campus and charge $5,000 per sledgehammer swing at Hillary’s old BlackBerrys and email server. It would have solved two “problems” at once.

**Written by Doug Powers

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