Heh: Nancy Pelosi, FORMER House Majority Leader, warns GOP they’ll pay a political price for scrapping Obamacare


**Written by Doug Powers

Nancy Pelosi is leading the charge when it comes to using a shock & awe strategy of projection to save the law that had to be passed so America could find out what was in it:

There’s no pill that can fix this level of delusion and brazenness:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, preparing for her fourth straight Congress in the minority — she lost her speakership in 2010, in an anti-Obamacare backlash — now says it’s the GOP that will pay a political price if it moves to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

“You break it, you own it,” the California Democrat said.
“They really admit that by repealing the Affordable Care Act, it will increase costs,” Mrs. Pelosi said.

Yeah, heaven forbid costs go up (click to enlarge):

Everything about that screams “saved $2,500 a year!”

Out-of-touch and clueless request of the week:

“I would just say to the American people: Take a second look,” Pelosi said.

People have taken a second look, Nancy, which is why your party has lost control of everything, up to and including hope of ever having a grip on reality.

**Written by Doug Powers

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