Here’s a Weinstein talking point just waiting to be picked up by the left


**Written by Doug Powers

A University of Southern California student newspaper op-ed has established blame for Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul and Dem mega-donor/bundler who backed Hillary Clinton twice and visited Obama in the White House several times (via Twitchy):

And yes, the actual column is everything you’re imagining:

For years, that social and political disenfranchisement has been propagated by the party that unapologetically handed Trump the presidency, where, at the very least, Democratic stars and politicians have come out in droves to unequivocally disavow Weinstein. For years, policies and rhetoric by Republican lawmakers related to American women have been united by a common theme — that women cannot be trusted.

Following core conservative ideology, women cannot be trusted to make basic bodily decisions; instead, the government must make these decisions for them and hamper their access to the resources requisite to their autonomy.

It all makes even more sense when you discover at the end of the article that the author is a journalism major. A glorious career in the MSM awaits!

**Written by Doug Powers

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