Hillary Clinton finds new post-election loss niche: Cybersecurity expert


**Written by Doug Powers

This has to be the funniest headline of the week:

Unless her first tip was “don’t ever take cyber security advice from Hillary Clinton” it was a counterproductive speech:

Hillary Clinton’s email server was unsecure for first 3 months in office http://t.co/4gXbDpemVn pic.twitter.com/RYG5nZ9ZMY

— Fortune (@FortuneMagazine) March 11, 2015

If you’re not sold on Hillary’s cyber-expert cred, here’s a flashback to convince you:

Who better to give a speech about cybersecurity than somebody “remarkably uninterested and unfamiliar with new technology”? Maybe her entire cybersecurity speech consisted of this: “One word: BleachBit!”

Hillary has admitted she doesn’t know much about tech, so the real reason she was there was of course to sell books and keep blaming Russia for her failings:

She addressed a crowd of about 500 people as part of a launch event for Stanford’s new Global Digital Policy Incubator.

On the topic of digital technology, Clinton focused her remarks on Russia’s interference in the 2016 election.

Of course she did.

**Written by Doug Powers

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