Hillary Clinton urges supporters to stand up and Resist™ — Not requested: ‘Learn about how the Electoral College works’

**Written by Doug Powers

Hillary Clinton is urging all her supporters everywhere — even in that Midwestern state that starts with a “W” that she can’t quite think of at the moment — to join The Resistance:

Hillary Clinton encouraged women to keep fighting the good fight in a Snapchat video Wednesday.

Sporting a red top and a brand new bob, Clinton told women to, ‘Stand up. Resist. Run for office. Be a champion.’

The International Women’s Day message declared ‘every issue a woman’s issue,’ although Clinton directed her followers to Planned Parenthood, education health care and jobs.

It’s no “I’m just chillin’ in Cedar Rapids” but it’s close:

2020 here she comes!

Rumor has it that Hillary has decided to go with “stand up and resist” because it’s what the Secret Service once used as a successful motivator to get her up and into the van.

**Written by Doug Powers

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