Hillary knows who’s at fault for scrubbing her election chances (rhymes with ‘tames romey’)

**Written by Doug Powers

This predictable deflection of blame gets seals of approval from Cheryl Mills, Anthony Weiner, Hillary’s likability coach, and whoever advised her to proudly proclaim she was going to put an entire industry in a swing state out of business:

Hillary Clinton pinned the blame for her defeat on FBI Director James Comey’s letters about her email arrangement in a conference call with her top campaign contributors on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking with Democrats who raised over $100,000 for her failed bid for the presidency, the former secretary of state said Comey’s second letter — just three days before the election — did more damage than the first, which landed just 11 days out, according to one individual on the call, who described her tone as clearly sad but hopeful.

Clinton told participants that the campaign’s data saw her numbers plunge after the first letter, then rebounded. But the second letter, she said, awakened Donald Trump’s voters.

Hillary’s only other option would have been to tell her donors “fools and their money are soon parted,” and that wasn’t about to happen because 2020 is just around the corner!

Yesterday, Hillary received a lovely parting gift:

Clinton has been inundated recently with mail and deliveries, including flowers. One group, an aide said, sent Clinton 1,200 red roses.

Rumor has it the card was signed “Thanks for your business! – BleachBit management and staff.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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