Hillary: We need *open & honest sexual assault discussion (*that does NOT mention Bill)

**Written by Doug Powers

In an interview on the BBC, Hillary Clinton tried to remind everybody that the statute of limitations on pointing out the Clintons’ shameless hypocrisy has run out. It started out with a question about Harvey Weinstein that Hillary quickly deflected toward Trump, proving that her most recent compunction bypass surgery was another a huge success:

“This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated anywhere, whether it’s in entertainment, politics,” Clinton said. “After all, we have someone admitting to being a sexual assaulter in the Oval Office.”

After saying that “kind of behavior cannot be tolerated,” Hillary went on to tolerate it, but only from her own husband. This is all due to a little-known “in the past” clause in the Clinton rule book:

Marr responded by pointing out Clinton has dismissed allegations made by women against her husband, former President Bill Clinton, that Trump highlighted during the hard-fought presidential campaign.

“That has all been litigated,” Clinton replied. “That was subject of a huge investigation in the late ’90s and there were conclusions drawn. That was clearly in the past.”

So basically Hillary Clinton believes the country needs a serious discussion about sexual harassment and assault, but first everybody should use BleachBit on select chapters of their contemporary American history books. This is what happens when you can’t blame inconvenient realities on the Russians:

The only thing that could have made that better would have been a follow-up question about Anthony Weiner.

**Written by Doug Powers

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