Hillary won’t like ex-Clinton adviser’s take about ‘What Happened’ in 2016

**Written by Doug Powers

Is it too late to have Hillary add a chapter to “What Happened”? Of course it is, because the last thing Hillary Clinton wanted in “What Happened” was any explanation about what actually happened coming from a longtime Dem pollster and adviser:

Stan Greenberg, the man who served as the lead pollster for Bill Clinton’s 1992 presidential campaign (and Al Gore’s 2000 campaign) has written a long essay titled “How She Lost” that slams Clinton (and her campaign) for a series of messaging, tactical and broader strategic errors.

Greenberg concludes:

“For me, the most glaring examples include the Clinton campaign’s over-dependence on technical analytics; its failure to run campaigns to win the battleground states; the decision to focus on the rainbow base and identity politics at the expense of the working class; and the failure to address the candidate’s growing ‘trust problem,’ to learn from events and reposition.”

Greenberg can’t be right, because that explanation doesn’t contain “Russia,” “Comey,” “Bernie Sanders,” “sexism,” “coal miners who didn’t want ‘green jobs’ instead,” “pro-Trump media bias,” “the media’s Weiner obsession,” “subservient white women,” “Wikileaks,” “antiquated Electoral College,” “Deplorables” or “climate change.”

**Written by Doug Powers

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