Hillary’s quest to get big money out of politics and seem ‘just like us’ gets boost with $2 million infusion from Broadway fundraiser


**Written by Doug Powers

Remember Hillary Clinton’s pledge at the Democratic Convention?

Hillary and her fellow hypocrites from Hollywood ponied up big time yesterday to try and get money out of politics:

Hillary Clinton’s campaign raised at least $2 million Monday night from a star-studded Broadway event in New York City that included performances by Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Neil Patrick Harris and “Hamilton” creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

The evening’s host was comedian Billy Crystal, who joked with the audience that the goal of the night was to “raise more money than Donald Trump lost in 1995.” The remark was a reference to Trump’s tax returns — leaked to the New York Times — that show the Republican nominee lost nearly $1 billion that year.

Although the campaign didn’t reach that number Monday, the evening wasn’t a wash.

According to a campaign aide, tickets to the show ranged from $45 to $100,000. With 1,700 attendees, calculations show the campaign ultimately raised at least $2 million.

Yeah, but for your hundred grand, you also got gems like this:

Billy Crystal, who used his opening monologue to mock Trump, hosted the fundraiser.
Later in the program, during after performance from “Cabaret,” Crystal remarked about how the musical was set in 1930s Germany.
“Or, as Trump and (Mike) Pence call it, the good old days,” he added.

You can catch Crystal starring in “Godwin’s Law, the Musical” opening on Broadway soon.

Rumor has it Sarah Jessica Parker was personally responsible for raising a quarter of Hillary’s haul simply by threatening to lock everybody in the theater and forcing them to watch “Miami Rhapsody” unless they coughed up a half million.


Vogue publisher Anna Wintour was one of the organizers of last night’s fundraiser, so of course the magazine has followed that up by making its first ever presidential endorsement, calling for the election of Hillary Clinton from 1993:


The Vogue editors decided against a tweet using a more recent photograph:


**Written by Doug Powers

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