Host on non-dominant cable net: Soccer loss should prove to some that US can’t ‘simply can’t assert its dominance’

**Written by Doug Powers
When seeking experts on not being able to assert dominance, turn to low-rated MSNBC — in this case one of their hosts, Chris Hayes:

While praising the huge American crowds across the country that came out to support the U.S., Hayes condemned what he called “anti-soccer trolls” whose aversion, he said, is “weirdly tied to American exceptionalism.” He then made this statement.
“Part of embracing a truly worldwide competition is accepting the fact the U.S. cannot simply assert its dominance,” Hayes said. “Turns out we have to play just like everybody else.”

After saying that, one of Hayes’ straw men beat him 7-0 in a spirited foosball match in the green room.
**Written by Doug Powers
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