How selfless! Chuck Schumer offers to work with Republicans to find a SCOTUS nominee more acceptable to Dems


**Written by Doug Powers

It’s looking like “nuclear option” time in the Senate during the Gorsuch confirmation vote later this week, and with that, Chuck Schumer is extending an olive branch covered with razor blades:

At the same time, Democrats have operated on two tracks: They have sought to present their opponents as hypocrites by reminding the public about Judge Merrick B. Garland, President Barack Obama’s nominee for the seat last year, whom Republicans refused to even consider during a presidential election year. But the minority party has insisted that its resistance to Judge Gorsuch is not about retribution, citing his record on workers’ rights and his degree of independence from Mr. Trump, among other concerns. They have argued that the nomination should be withdrawn if the judge cannot earn 60 votes.

“We lost one, they lost one,” Senator Chuck Schumer of New York, the Democratic leader, told reporters, predicting a successful blockade. “We should now get in a room and come up with a compromise.”

Mr. McConnell said he would have no choice but to change the rules if faced with a filibuster.

Schumer and the Dems would prefer a “compromise” nominee — a really, really progressive compromise.

Republicans should just repeat to Schumer what he told them in 2013 after Harry Reid went nuclear:

**Written by Doug Powers

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