John Kerry slams Trump for ruining N. Korea’s disinterest in getting nukes

**Written by Doug Powers

This is the quintessential John Kerry response to a question about a rogue regime that got even more rogue-ish during eight years of hope, change, appeasement, strongly worded letters, red lines, hashtags, James Taylor concerts and pallets of cash:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry said in an interview scheduled to air Monday that President Trump’s rhetoric has given North Korea a reason to say it needs to acquire a nuclear weapon.

“I think what the president needs to do is make sure he’s not feeding into North Korea’s fear of regime change, or of you know — a unilateral attack, or otherwise,” Kerry told CNN’s Christiane Amanpour.

“And I think the rhetoric to date has frankly stepped over the line with respect to the messages that are being sent. It’s given North Korea a reason to say ‘Hey we need a bomb because if we don’t have a bomb, we’re going to — you know — not be able to protect themselves and they’ll come after us.’”

Trump has made NK interested in nukes? Nice try, Neville, but several of their tests were on your watch:

North Korea says it has conducted five successful nuclear tests: in 2006, 2009, 2013 and in January and September 2016. The yield of the bombs appears to have increased.

September 2016’s test has indicated a device with an explosive yield of between 10 and 30 kilotonnes – which, if confirmed, would make it the North’s strongest nuclear test ever.

Confirmed: John Kerry hasn’t changed one bit:

Pres Trump’s rhetoric has “stepped over the line” and has “given North Korea reason to say, ‘Hey, we need a bomb,'” @johnkerry tells me.

— Christiane Amanpour (@camanpour) November 6, 2017

**Written by Doug Powers

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