John Kerry, Susan Rice very concerned that Trump’s treating Iran unfairly

**Written by Doug Powers

President Trump’s announcement that the U.S. won’t certify Iranian compliance with the Iran Deal has former Secretary of State John Kerry worried that the current administration is treating unfairly the country headed by a man who leads “death to America” chants.” From CBS News:

Former Secretary of State John Kerry on Friday blasted President Trump’s decision not to re-certify Iran’s compliance with the Iran nuclear deal, accusing Mr. Trump of jumpstarting an “international crisis.”
Kerry was the country’s top diplomat in 2015 when the U.S. entered into the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), better known as the Iran deal.

“President Trump’s decision today is dangerous,” Kerry said in a lengthy statement he posted to Twitter. “He’s creating an international crisis. It endangers America’s national security interests and those of our closest allies.

What’s NOT dangerous, as far as Kerry’s concerned? Shipping hundreds of millions of dollars in cash to the world’s #1 state sponsor of terrorism.

Another former Obama administration official was troubled by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s support for scrapping the Iran Deal:

.@POTUS‘ important speech today accurately outlined the history and continued dangers of Iran’s aggression.

— AIPAC (@AIPAC) October 13, 2017

To which former Obama National Security Adviser Susan Rice replied:


— Susan Rice (@AmbassadorRice) October 14, 2017

“BS.” But keep in mind, that accusation is coming from the person who blamed the Benghazi attack on a “hateful video” five times in a single morning:

Also, the “BS” accusation comes from the ex-NSA who said something in 2014 about Bowe Bergdahl that looks stupid considering today’s news:

Pretty much just as accurate as any other claims she made.

— Doug Powers (@ThePowersThatBe) October 16, 2017

I might not always be certain who to believe when it comes to some issues, but I’m damn sure who to never believe.

**Written by Doug Powers

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