John Kerry will outline plan for Middle East peace after 7 years, 11 months of careful Obama admin consideration

**Written by Doug Powers

After over seven years and eleven months, the Obama administration is having a Middle East epiphany just after tossing a match on Israel at the United Nations last week:

Secretary of State John Kerry will deliver a speech Wednesday on the Obama administration’s vision for Middle East peace, State Department spokesman Mark Toner said.

The speech at the State Department comes as the relationship between the US and Israel frays following the Obama administration’s controversial decision to abstain on Friday from a UN resolution condemning Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

Kerry said at the time that, “In the coming days, I will speak further to the vote in the Security Council today and share more detailed thoughts, drawn from the experience of the last several years, on the way ahead.”
Toner said at a press briefing Tuesday that Kerry would “touch on” the Israel situation but the speech would be more broadly about the politics of region. Toner said Kerry would also explain how the resolution’s message would be implemented and outline America’s “next steps” — even though the clock is ticking on the administration.

So what’s Obama/Kerry’s Middle East peace plan going to consist of this time? More cash to Iran? An Arafat statue in Tel Aviv? Global warming seminars for ISIS? Reset button for al-Qaeda? A James Taylor concert in Aleppo? Place your bets!

**Written by Doug Powers

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