Journalism! Dem shoots GOPers, so WaPo examines role of right-wing talk radio (open thread)


**Written by Doug Powers

Another Sunday is upon us, so here’s our weekly cavalcade of odds & ends.

Leading off, remember not long ago when an MSNBC-loving Bernie Sanders-supporter went unhinged and tried to assassinate Republicans at a congressional baseball game? If you’re the Washington Post, how do you frame that? Easy!



In the week leading up to the Trump/Putin meeting at the G20, CNN was chock full of reports about “sources” who told them Trump wouldn’t bring up Russian hacking. And then of course reality struck again:

CNN all week: An anonymous source says Trump won’t confront Putin about Russia meddling in the election!


— Matt Wolking (@MattWolking) July 7, 2017



Chuck Schumer wasn’t happy about Trump’s meeting with Putin:

Democratic Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer called the meeting with Putin “the lowest moment of all” and an “embarrassment to our country and our ideals”.

It looks like the only way Trump could have gotten Schumer on his side would have been to assure Russia he’d have more flexibility after his re-election and then hand Putin a reset button.


Great news for Republicans! Hillary Clinton’s looking for ways to help get Democrats elected next year:

Hillary Clinton wants to play a role in next year’s midterm elections. It’s just not clear yet what that role will be.

Clinton has already launched a PAC aimed at helping congressional Democratic candidates in 2018, signaling the former first lady, senator and secretary of State is ready to help her party with fundraising.

She also is looking at the House districts she won in last year’s presidential contest against Donald Trump as part of an autopsy of her failed campaign, according to two sources who have spoken to the former secretary of State.

Meanwhile, Dems appear to be handling the news that Hillary plans to “help” them next year with trepidation:


NYC Mayor and G20 Resistor Bill de Blasio has said he remains “undeterred in our efforts to bring New Yorkers off the streets.” Hopefully for New Yorkers, “undeterred” de Blasio gets deterred pretty soon before nobody has a place to live:


There’s no worse news than hearing that progressive/socialist/communist leaders are working to “help” you.


Photo of the week:

That feeling when you’re overthrowing capitalism but just can’t resist taking a selfie on your iPhone 7

— Jimmy Rushmore (@JimmyRushmore) July 7, 2017

Nothing captures the beauty of anti-capitalist anarchy quite like an iPhone.

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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