London mayor calls for travel ban (but only for Trump)

**Written by Doug Powers

The mayor of London doesn’t seem to be enjoying Donald Trump’s criticism, but in spite of that Khan’s joined in the U.S. president’s call for a travel ban — sort of:

London Mayor Sadiq Khan is calling on the British government to cancel a state visit from President Trump after Trump criticized his response to this weekend’s terror attacks in London.

“I don’t think we should roll out the red carpet to the president of the USA in the circumstances where his policies go against everything we stand for,” Khan said in an interview with Britain’s Channel 4 News.

“When you have a special relationship it is no different from when you have got a close mate. You stand with them in times of adversity but you call them out when they are wrong. There are many things about which Donald Trump is wrong.”

So “travel bans” do work, but only on a limited basis apparently. I’m not sure if Khan’s more upset with Trump for criticism him following the London attack or for pulling the U.S. out of the Paris Agreement.

The US have announced their withdrawal from the #ParisAgreement. My statement on how climate change remains one of the key risks to humanity

— Sadiq Khan (@SadiqKhan) June 1, 2017

**Written by Doug Powers

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