Malibu, Calif. declares ‘sanctuary’ status, will vote down proposal to change name to Hypocrite City (Sunday open thread)


Your “Hillary coming out of the woods”

**Written by Doug Powers

Here’s the fuse lighting on another March Madness edition of the Sunday open thread, and what better way to tip it off than with some good, old fashioned rich liberal hypocrisy, California-style!

The city of Malibu voted last week to be a “sanctuary city” for illegals:

The idea was inspired by one of the town’s many famous residents: actor Martin Sheen. In December, he grabbed the lectern during a City Council meeting and — as if conjuring his inner President Josiah Bartlet from “The West Wing” — urged the city to become a sanctuary city.

Like many sanctuary city resolutions, Malibu’s is largely symbolic. Backers said the move, which passed on a 3-2 council vote, is a chance for Malibu’s privileged to stand up for the city’s vulnerable population.

And by “vulnerable” they mean people who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity to work for rich & famous progressive hypocrite ‘living wage’ proponents for crappy pay:

Everyone agrees the city has workers who are not authorized to be in the United States, and they tend to serve the food at upscale eateries, clean the beachside mansions, look after children and keep the landscaping looking lush.
Lifelong Malibu resident Mikke Pierson, 57, a supporter of the resolution, said it’s hard to imagine a Malibu without the many immigrants who toil there. That why expressing support for people who are in the country illegally is so important, he said.

“Heck … we would be paralyzed and no one’s houses would be cleaned,” the former surf shop owner said.

Now imagine the reaction of Malibu if Trump said that.

Sheen, who led the “sanctuary city” effort in Malibu, is a big “living wage” supporter — unless it’s going to impede some rich lefty’s ability to have dinner served or the laundry done in a manner that won’t break the bank by paying California labor union rates.

They’re all about helping the little people!


My proposal to change Malibu’s name to Hypocrite City probably won’t go anywhere with the council.


This is nothing short of maddening:

18 year-old Henry Sanchez Milian and 17-year-old Jose Montano, are both facing first-degree rape and first-degree sexual offense charges in Maryland after being accused of raping a female classmate in the high school bathroom.

“Victim A was holding a sink to avoid going into the bathroom when Montano grabbed her hand and pulled her into the stall,” police said in a report. According to investigators, Sanchez then joined then in the stall to take part in the rape.

According to local reports, Sanchez Milan crossed the border last August, and was detained for 12 days at a refugee settlement. Apparently, he was released and given notice to appear in court but a date wasn’t set at the time because he wasn’t a priority case as he didn’t have a criminal record or gang affiliation.

Oh, and the well-compensated school superintendent responded to the concerns of parents with a lecture about racism.


After the GOP’s health care bill was pulled, Nancy Pelosi celebrated the saving of the law that contributed to the Dems’ demise:

I haven’t seen Nancy that happy for “the children” since Planned Parenthood announced they exceeded their baby parts quota.




Your “Hillary coming out of the woods” jokes here: _____________


After the London attack last week, police arrested around a dozen people, and some were later released. However, about four people remain in custody, meaning it was far from premature to use the media and liberal politicians’ favorite kneejerk cliche: “lone wolf.” The New York Times reports that “some believe it is unlikely that Mr. Masood acted entirely on his own.”

Before any facts were known and as the investigation was just getting started, the media narrative machine was nevertheless humming at 100 percent capacity not long after the attack:

The Sun:

London attack lone wolf terrorist Khalid Masood ‘was on WhatsApp’ just TWO minutes before unleashing Westminster terror


London police have released the name of the man who killed three people and injured 40 before he was shot to death in a suspected lone wolf terror attack on the Houses of Parliament.


At least 50 people were hurt in the London attack, thought to have been carried out by a “lone wolf” attacker known as Khalid Masood, though Islamic State has claimed responsibility. Scotland Yard said Friday they now know Masood’s birth name was Adrian Russell Ajao.



Daily Mail:

English teacher Khalid Masood, 52, a ‘lone wolf’ attacker, who was living in the Birmingham area, had a series of convictions for assault and other crimes.

Daily Beast:

“He’s older than one would expect, most of these attacks are slightly more youthful, hot-headed guys who perhaps have a bit less to lose,” Dr. Elisabeth Kendall, author of Twenty-First Century Jihad, told The Daily Beast. “Perhaps it’s slightly more difficult to manipulate and guide a 52-year-old than a teenager or someone in their early twenties, so he could genuinely be a lone wolf who just went off the rails.”

The Beast’s headline described Masood as a “52 year old family man and English teacher.” So, kind of like Mr. Kotter but an Islamic terrorist? Pitiful.


In the original “Brady Bunch” TV show, a record producer tried to make Greg into a rock star called “Johnny Bravo.” It turned out Greg wasn’t all that talented, and he found out the producer only wanted him because he “fit the suit” that they had. I was reminded of that episode for no particular reason recently… ahem…



“Chelsea Bravo”? Go with it, MSM!

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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