Michael Flynn resigns, NY Times’ Thomas Friedman takes it all to the next level

**Written by Doug Powers

Last night, President Trump’s National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned:

Mike Flynn’s arrival at the White House last month followed a military career and post-military life marked by contentious periods.

None, it turned out, would be as widely followed as his latest controversy, which led to his resignation Monday after revelations that he didn’t fully explain communications he had late last year with the Russian ambassador to the U.S.

Mr. Flynn, a retired Army lieutenant general, served less than four weeks as President Donald Trump’s national security adviser, stepping down amid pressure over his contacts with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak.

During his 33-year career in the U.S. armed forces, Mr. Flynn made his name as a widely respected Army officer known for his candor and unorthodox sensibilities about intelligence and military operations.

Here’s Flynn’s resignation letter:

Breaking: text of Flynn’s resignation letter pic.twitter.com/KGue1cJFzL

— Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) February 14, 2017

Lt. General Joseph Keith Kellogg, Jr. is now the acting National Security Adviser. Meanwhile, the New York Times’ Thomas Friedman is spinning a ridiculous web of disengenuousness:

JOE SCARBOROUGH: The only question I would ask you to start with is it is incredible that there is anyway that this president could not have known about this conversation that the White House had been warned about a month ago.

THOMAS FRIEDMAN, NEW YORK TIMES: I share Mika’s real outrage on this issue. I don’t care what he told Pence. We only care what he told Pence because Pence went out and basically mislead the public on Face the Nation.

The issue is what did he tell Trump? Did he and Trump actually cook up this whole thing after the Russians did not respond harshly to the eviction of their spies and diplomats? Trump actually tweeted out some positive encouragement of this. Did the two of them cook this up all along? It gets, Joe, to two other issues. The first is we have never taken seriously from the very beginning Russia hacked our election. That was a 9/11 scale event. They attacked the core of our democracy. That was a Pearl Harbor scale event. Can you imagine if Hillary Clinton were where Trump was, what the right would be doing on this issue? This goes to the very core of our democracy.

Just because even the Obama administration said the election itself was not “hacked” doesn’t mean Friedman can’t still say it (while slamming purveyors of “fake news” no less) and, on top of it all, liken that falsehood to two attacks that resulted in thousands of deaths.

As a closing aside, the Dems didn’t always have a problem with misleading the public on Face the Nation.

**Written by Doug Powers

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