Michael Moore launches ‘TrumpiLeaks’ (no, seriously)

**Written by Doug Powers

“TrumpiLeaks” would be a great name for the official adult diaper of The Resistance, but instead Michael Moore’s using the title to get one step closer to his apparent goal of being a dumpy Julian Assange knockoff while bringing down Trump once and for all. Moore for some reason really seems to want Mike Pence to be president:

The documentary filmmaker sent an email encouraging recipients to leak information about the president using his new page, TrumpiLeaks, a pun on WikiLeaks. The website guides users to encrypted messaging apps, an encrypted email address and a mailing address so they can secretly send information, documents, photographs, video and audio recordings.

Moore has long been a vocal opponent of Trump. In the email, Moore wrote that the president thinks, acts and has stated that he is above the law, and it’s “our patriotic duty” to act.

“From the time you opened this letter to the time you get to the bottom of it, there’s a decent chance that our President will have violated the constitution, obstructed justice, lied to the American people, encouraged or supported acts of violence, or committed some horrible mistake that would’ve ended any other politician’s career (or sent you or I to jail),” Moore wrote. “And just like all the times he’s done so in the past, he will get away with it.”

Moore applauded past whistleblowers, including Edward Snowden, and appealed to readers to follow their lead.

Moore accuses Trump of treason for alleged Russia ties but thinks Snowden, who’s getting asylum from Putin, is a super-patriot? It’s all so confusing.

In any case, first time TrumpiLeaks.com visitors can use the password “Hillary1PopVote” for initial access. Enter coupon code “WhyArentI50PointsAhead” for 20 percent off long-term reality avoidance hypnotherapy.

**Written by Doug Powers

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