Michelle Obama’s nuclear option to prolong life of WH garden might sprout a flaw

**Written by Doug Powers

Apparently Michelle Obama, with just a few weeks of White House living remaining, is concerned about maintaining her garden and might see if her husband can plant a couple “pen and phone” seeds in the dirt:

Michelle Obama wants one thing set in stone before she leaves the White House — her beloved garden.

The first lady has already taken steps to preserve her fruitful green space, purchasing a stone plaque for it with the inscription, “WHITE HOUSE KITCHEN GARDEN established in 2009 by First Lady Michelle Obama with the hope of growing a healthier nation for our children.”

But she’s not stopping there — wielding the power she has over the president to ensure the Kitchen Garden is a permanent part of the White House.

“She is pressing him to pass an executive order to maintain the garden after they leave the White House,” a source told The Post.

Is there a Schoolhouse Rock episode for how executive orders work? If so somebody please forward it to FLOTUS asap so she’s aware that Trump could get rid of it as fast as Obama signed it and pave over the garden for helicopter parking.

**Written by Doug Powers

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