MSNBC host asks important question: Is world suffering from lack of racial diversity in emoticons?

**Written by Doug Powers
I can’t believe somebody beat Al Sharpton to discussing the important issue of emoticon diversity, but MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow got there first:

After wondering whether emojis, which originated in Japan, could alter “tech-driven communication across international lines,” Farrow asked McWhorter, “do you think there’s a limitation we’re suffering from in terms of the racial diversity of these emojis?”
The linguist replied in all seriousness, “No, I think that actually what we’re going to see more is a gender skew. Apparently, women are more likely to use them and more richly.”

There also aren’t enough emoticons for “potentially contagious idiocy.” But on the upside, hardly anybody was exposed to it.
**Written by Doug Powers
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