Nancy Pelosi doesn’t want to cause a panic, but this could be end of the world


**Written by Doug Powers

The Democrats’ end-of-the-world rhetoric about the GOP tax bill has been the source of endless amusement this week, but not much of it has predicted an extinction event quite like Nancy Pelosi:

Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi said the GOP tax bill was “Armageddon” Monday night while speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill.

The congresswoman was responding to a question about whether it was appropriate to refer to Republican legislation in such apocalyptic terms.

“It is the end of the world,” Pelosi. “The debate on health care is life/death. This is Armageddon.”

As tempted as I am to defer to the opinion of a woman who, for all I know, could have been working as an intern to John when the Book of Revelation was written, I’ll pass on Pelosi’s latest attempt at apocalyptic fear-mongering:

Pelosi’s nothing short of crazy. In other words, I hope the Dems keep her on as their minority leader for a long time.

**Written by Doug Powers

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