Nancy Pelosi had to see a photo of her meeting with the Russian ambassador to find out what was in it (Sunday open thread)


**Written by Doug Powers

I’m headed out of town for a while to take care of some business and also to try and secure a meeting with the Russian ambassador — turns out I’m one of only seven people in the world who haven’t met with him in the past half year (and the other six are on the International Space Station). Here’s the weekly Sunday open thread to help keep things jumping in the meantime. Here we go…

During an interview with Politico, Nancy Pelosi was asked if she’d ever met with the Russian ambassador. While pondering an answer, this was Pelosi’s expression:

Pelosi then answered, “Not with this Russian ambassador, no.” Because Pelosi’s incapable of telling the truth, there was only one remaining option:

But a file photo from Pelosi’s 2010 meeting with Russian President Dmitriy Medvedev shows Kislyak at the table across from Pelosi — then House speaker — and Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-Md.). Medvedev had been in the country for a meeting with President Barack Obama a day earlier and stopped in on Capitol Hill to meet with congressional leaders as well.

Asked to square Pelosi’s comments with the photo of the meeting, a spokesman said Pelosi simply meant she never had a solo meeting with Kislyak.

The picture is here. It certainly seems to fit the definition of what rational people would consider a “meeting.” But give Pelosi a break, because she’s closing in on her one-millionth lie and I think there’s some kind of big prize in DC for politicians who reach that milestone.

The most common thing overheard on Capitol Hill last week was “Oh, that Russian ambassador.”


Valerie Jarrett shared an Obama spokesman’s denial of Donald Trump’s claim that Trump Tower was bugged at the order of the previous administration:


Every time anybody from the Obama administration guarantees anything all I hear is “if you like your plan you can keep it.”


How fast will the story of an arrest made for some of the bomb threats made to Jewish Community Centers around the country disappear from the mainstream media? THIS fast:


The sound of the MSM clamoring for that angle:


Colin Kaepernick reportedly will not take a knee during the National Anthem next season:

Quarterback Colin Kaepernick will stand during the national anthem next season, sources told ESPN on Thursday.

Kaepernick no longer wants his method of protest to detract from the positive change he believes has been created, sources told ESPN.

Gee, do you think it has anything to do with this?

Kaepernick will opt out of his contract with the San Francisco 49ers on Friday and become a free agent next week, sources told ESPN.

The free market works in mysterious ways.


Weird how that worked out, eh?


From the “whatever you’ve gotta tell yourself” department comes this: I rather liked how Hillary Clinton’s election loss was described in The Harvard Crimson ahead of her visit to campus last week (via @JamesTaranto):

Clinton served as Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Clinton ran for President of the United States beginning in May 2015, and lost the election in a victory many across the University found upsetting and surprising. Throughout her campaign, Clinton enjoyed wide support amongst both Harvard students and faculty

It was a victorious loss! The weather in the safe space of denial is beautiful.

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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