Naturally: Architect of Obamacare blames law’s implosion on party that didn’t cast a single vote for its passage

**Written by Doug Powers

This week, Bill Clinton made a campaign trail confession that small business owners and the middle class are “getting killed” by the ironically named Affordable Care Act.

Ezekiel Emanuel, who is credited (or discredited as it were) with being the architect of Obamacare, really dialed the weasel amp up to eleven for his defense of the imploding disaster. Instead of apologizing to America and agreeing to banish himself forever to a remote atoll in the South Pacific, Emanuel blamed people in the political party that didn’t cast one vote for its passage and warned that this very thing would happen if the law was implemented:

That guy makes Nathan Thurm look like a beacon of integrity. Oh, and Emanuel’s “solution” to getting people on board who refuse coverage because they can’t afford the premiums? Raising the penalty for refusing coverage. You will find a way to afford that coverage you can’t afford, or you’ll either go broke paying the tax penalty (or to jail for not paying it) and have no health insurance coverage… because Democrats care about you, dammit! Don’t make ’em nuke a T.J. Maxx to prove how much they care about the middle class!

**Written by Doug Powers

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