NBC News’ ‘fact check’ about Hillary’s email is the unintentional joke of the week


**Written by Doug Powers

There’s a good reason Hillary Clinton’s always imploring the MSM to “fact check” her, because she knows she’ll end up getting defenses like this one:

That kind of willful ignorance might get somebody a high ranking gig in a potential Hillary administration.

Other NBC News debate “fact checks” to look for:

The Claim: Hillary Clinton’s “crooked.”
The Truth: NOPE — Clinton stood up perfectly straight for the entirety of the debate.

The Claim: Under Hillary, there was an incestuous relationship between the State Dept. and Clinton Foundation.
The Truth: NOPE — The two buildings are inanimate objects incapable of emotion, and even if they were, they’re not related.

The Claim: Hillary served up some whoppers at the debate.
The Truth: NOPE — In spite of Mr. Trump’s claim, Mrs. Clinton handed out no sandwiches from Burger King Sunday night.

**Written by Doug Powers

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