Network newscasts are all over Dem senator’s corruption trial (JUST KIDDING)

**Written by Doug Powers

You’d think a sitting U.S. senator on trial for corruption would be big news for the networks, and it probably would be if the sitting U.S. senator in question didn’t have that “D” after his name, which apparently stands for “Don’t go there:

Wednesday was the first day of Democratic Senator Bob Menendez’s federal trial for bribery, but you would barely know it was occurring if you were only getting your news from the liberal Big Three Networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC). CBS News did briefly mention the trial in the morning, but they failed to follow up on the heated courtroom exchanges during CBS Evening News later in the day. Meanwhile, both ABC and NBC continued their complete and utter blackout of the story.

Fox News Correspondent David Lee Miller was on Special Report where he reported that Menendez “faces a dozen criminal charges, accused of accepting more than $700,000 in campaign related cash and thousands of dollars in free hotel rooms and air travel from a longtime friend, Doctor Solomon Melgen.”

Well that was Wednesday. What about Thursday night? Yawn:

It’s the first time a sitting United States senator has faced a federal bribery trial in 36 years, but CBS, ABC and NBC News did not devote any time to the trial in their Thursday night newscasts.

MSM bias is as blatantly obvious in what they don’t cover more than in what they do cover.

**Written by Doug Powers

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