New Dem slogan a BIG hit with people who make money testing slogans (open thread)


**Written by Doug Powers

The fuse on another Sunday open thread is lit, and here are just a couple things to kick off the festivities…

The DNC’s road to recovery (hey, eight years of Obama was tough on everybody) begins with a new slogan:

Completely sapped of power in Washington, top leaders of the Democratic Party now believe that the best way to fight a president who penned “The Art of the Deal” is with an economic agenda that they plan to call “A Better Deal.”

The campaign-style motto, panned by some liberal activists as details began to trickle out ahead of the Monday rollout, is designed to revive a party desperate to win back at least some control next year. The push comes months earlier than most campaign-year sales pitches begin — an acknowledgment of the need to shore up public opinion of the Democratic Party in the faster pace of modern politics.
“A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future” is the new slogan hatched after months of strategy sessions on Capitol Hill and late-night dinners at Washington restaurants hosted by Schumer, Pelosi, Jeffries and other rank-and-file House and Senate lawmakers.

When you feed your focus group nothing but Papa John’s, something like that is bound to happen.

The full slogan is “Better jobs, better wages, better future, better get a bucket I’m gonna throw up.”

After that fails to win back the House, Senate and WH the slogan will be upgraded to “Better Better, for the Better.”


California politicians gathered Friday to herald the symbolic start of construction on the “bullet toilet” which will flush taxpayer dollars down the drain electrically and at record speeds:

A parade of politicians attended a groundbreaking ceremony for Caltrain’s electrification project on Friday, heralding the start of what they called the most important upgrade in the rail line’s 153-year-history.

The $2 billion project — delayed after the Trump administration held up a key federal grant before putting it back on track in May — will mean faster, greener and more reliable service, replacing the current diesel trains that go back and forth between San Francisco and San Jose’s Tamien station with a new fleet of electric train cars.

Elected officials on the Millbrae station’s southbound platform turned over some dirt with gold-painted shovels Friday morning to cheers and applause, but work on the project actually began behind the scenes in June.

Democrats applauded themselves for thinking up a train system that doesn’t run on fossil fuel and instead is powered by electricity, which just appears magically with no generation required, or something.

Based on the sheer amount of overstatement vs. delivery below, I suspect the overall project will follow suit:

The pure power of this shot almost melted our phone. #ElectroCaltrain

— Caltrain (@Caltrain) July 21, 2017


The White House press corps lamented how stand-offish Sean Spicer was with them, so after Spicer’s resignation on Friday Anthony Scaramucci blew the press a kiss. The world now awaits CNN’s decision on whether to file a sexual harassment lawsuit on behalf of Jim Acosta.


I think former Homeland Security Director Jeh Johnson was trying to make a dig at Trump here, but if so it won’t resonate with citizens the way the Democrats hope:

Former head of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson said President Donald Trump’s “rhetoric” has led to a decrease of “illegal migration on our southern border.”

Trump has “scared off” a lot of illegal immigrants, Johnson told CNN’s “New Day” morning program.

“Illegal migration on our southern border has gone down since this president has been in office,” Johnson told CNN.

Yes, please go with that as a line of attack in 2018 and 2020, Dems!

Have a good Sunday all!

**Written by Doug Powers

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