NYC mayor’s socialism dream motivated by capitalism success stories (wait, what?)

**Written by Doug Powers

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio provided the nation with the secular holiday season-approximate gift of laughter in a new interview. Why is he encouraged that his socialist agenda will eventually succeed on a widespread basis? Well, just look at these two historic success stories of capitalism!

De Blasio chalks up the fizzling of his progressive agenda to being overtaken by the Bernie Sanders campaign, which launched at a much smaller event on the other side of the Capitol two weeks earlier in the spring 2015, but became a phenomenon while focusing on many of the same issues, only with much wider support.

De Blasio bristles when presented with this failure, arguing that it’s “banal and simplistic” to expect him to fail at taking his message national now. “I want to talk to anyone who thinks that and tell them they need to start thinking more. I mean, give me a break. So every time someone tries something and it doesn’t work, it invalidates anything else they might do going forward? Tell Thomas Edison that, and Henry Ford, tell Mahatma Gandhi. How many people fell on their faces along the way trying things, experimenting with things, had setbacks? There’s no leader who hasn’t had setbacks.”

Funny how the names of a couple similar figures in history who had the equivalent impact on the world from a nation that was already practicing everything de Blasio preaches didn’t roll off his tongue.

Maybe the NYC mayor likes Edison because he once said “I’ve not failed, I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” Now somebody tell Che de Blasio that taxpayers weren’t on the hook for a few trillion dollars worth of Edison’s tinkering, and I don’t even want to know what the price tag would be for a de Blasio “eureka” moment of success.

**Written by Doug Powers

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