Obama administration temporarily waives demand for corporate ‘economic patriotism’

**Written by Doug Powers
Remember President Obama’s call to U.S. corporations to embrace “**economic patriotism” and to invest in America instead of heading overseas?
(**If corporations aren’t people, then how can a non-person be patriotic?)

Obama hits ‘corporate deserters’ | TheHill http://t.co/xpXGa5F0tu
— Greg McIntyre (@mcintyreg) July 30, 2014

So, after demanding more “investment” in the U.S. from corporate America last month, the second half of the administration’s Obamanomics seminar goes like this:

American businesses need to show up in Africa – VP Biden #USAfricaSummit
— GINA DIN (@gina_din) August 5, 2014

At US-Africa summit, President Obama to announce that US companies will invest $14 billion in Africa, by @jpaceDC. http://t.co/tlIJALyrL6
— AP Politics (@AP_Politics) August 5, 2014

Obama has pounded corporations for going overseas to take advantage of tax loopholes, which has to mean that none of this $14 billion in corporate investment in Africa was reeled in with tax incentives, right?
We may never know, because of the historic levels of transparency and all that:

The White House declined to give specifics of the projects involved.

**Written by Doug Powers
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