Obama: Trump happened because ‘we’re not serious about facts’ (See also: ‘If you like your plan’ and ‘video to blame for Benghazi’)

**Written by Doug Powers

Yesterday in Germany, President Obama started off a press conference by telling leftist protesters to pipe down and settle election disputes at the ballot box — JUST KIDDING:

President Barack Obama has little sympathy for President-elect Donald Trump when it comes to the protests against him, and he offered up some advice for his successor: Get used to it.

“I’ve been the subject of protests during the course of my eight years,” Obama said at a joint news conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Thursday. “And I suspect that there’s not a president in our history that hasn’t been subject to these protests. So, I would not advise people who feel strongly or who are concerned about some of the issues that have been raised during the course of the campaign, I wouldn’t advise them to be silent.”

Nudge! Nudge!

At that point Obama REALLY dialed up the comedy:

“If we are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, if we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,”

We need to be more “serious about facts” ignore propaganda? Like “if you like your plan you can keep it” and “Benghazi was caused by anger over a video”? Also, Jonathan Gruber was unavailable for comment.

A lot of Dems looking to cast blame for the election of Trump really only need one thing in order to do so successfully: A mirror.

**Written by Doug Powers

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