Of course: Hedge funders throwing millions at pro-Hillary super-PAC to help achieve her goal of getting money out of politics


**Written by Doug Powers

Here’s yet another item to toss on the pile of Clinton-related hypocrisy that has now grown so high it makes Mt. Everest look like an anthill.

The wind-up:

And the pitch:

Hedge fund moguls are pouring stunning amounts of cash into the main super-PAC supporting Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

George Soros and Donald Sussman, liberal financiers based in New York, have now given at least $10.5 million each to Priorities USA, an outside group that has already reserved more than $150 million in advertising to help Clinton win the White House.

Pushing him over the $10 million mark, Soros sent the super-PAC an additional $2.5 million in August, according to the latest reports from the Federal Election Commission.

Sussman sent $2 million in August too, giving him an identical total donation to Soros.

If they hate money in politics, why is the cash being accepted? All together now: Because “that’s what they offered”!

**Written by Doug Powers

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