Oh, THAT’LL help: Obama’s DOJ sends ‘conflict resolution experts’ to Charlotte, NC

**Written by Doug Powers

Rest easy, Charlotte, N.C. residents, because the Divider-in-Chief has dispatched a response team tasked with extinguishing the literal and metaphorical fires in that city by dousing the area with gasoline if necessary:

The Obama administration’s Justice Department will send conflict resolution experts to Charlotte, N.C., to try to quell the violent unrest over the death of Keith Lamont Scott, a black man who was shot by police Tuesday afternoon.

A Justice Department spokesman told the Washington Examiner that staffers from its Community Relations Service will be deploying to Charlotte, but couldn’t confirm the timing of their arrival.

The department’s Community Relations Service provides conflict resolution specialists across the nation “to promote peaceful resolution of conflicts and tensions,” according to the DOJ’s website.

How is a “conflict” between store owners and looters (for example) resolved? Will the DOJ try to get both sides to meet halfway and convince the looters to either only take half the stuff, or agree to be given half the stuff beforehand in return for canceling the riot?

**Written by Doug Powers

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