Oops: Rep. Wilson unwittingly pokes holes in Dems’ Benghazi narrative

**Written by Doug Powers

From the House Democrats’ Benghazi report released last year:

“We have been hampered in our work by the ongoing Republican obsession with conspiracy theories that have no basis in reality,” said the Democratic report, which underscored the fierce political divisions between Republicans and Democrats over the attack on a U.S. consular post and a CIA annex in the Libyan port city. “Rather than reject these conspiracy theories in the absence of evidence — or in the face of hard facts — Select Committee Republicans embraced them and turned them into a political crusade.”

“We hope our report will put to rest the conspiracy theories about Benghazi once and for all and return the focus to where it belongs—on the goal of improving the security of Americans serving abroad,” the report continued.
“Decades in the future, historians will look back on this investigation as a case study in how not to conduct a credible investigation,” the Democratic members wrote. “They will showcase the proliferation of Republican abuses as a chief example of what happens when politicians are allowed to use unlimited taxpayer dollars — and the formidable power of Congress — to attack their political foes.”

Remember the Left’s favorite GIF at the time of Hillary Clinton during the Benghazi hearing?


The Democrats framed the Benghazi investigation as a witch hunt, “false controversy” and conspiracy theory aimed at unfairly casting Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in a bad light.

Fast forward to this week:

Niger is @realDonaldTrump‘s Benghazi. He needs to own it.

— Rep Frederica Wilson (@RepWilson) October 22, 2017

Make up your minds, Dems! Does that mean if Trump tells his national security adviser to appear on several Sunday morning shows and blame it on a video, Rep. Wilson and other Dems will consider that an acceptable conclusion?

It’s unlikely that any DC reporter will be curious enough to ask Rep. Wilson this question:

How can something be Trump’s Benghazi if the real one didn’t belong to Hillary or Obama.

— Razor (@hale_razor) October 21, 2017

If Wilson’s going to say Niger is Trump’s Benghazi, she’d better be prepared to admit that Benghazi was Obama’s Benghazi. But of course the actual facts regarding either tragedy run a distant second to their usefulness as tools for scoring cheap political points.

**Written by Doug Powers

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